musikCube // List of bugs and feature suggestions

This is the content of a main forum post which collected over the years quite all feature suggestions and bugs. Most links are probably dead now. I encourage you to read the "Bugs" section below if you want to use musikCube (back to DocTriv's semi-official musikCube repository).

I. Feature suggestions
II. Bugs

I. Feature suggestions:

1. Improved search:
a) Better support for foreign characters (see "Bugs" below).
b) Automatic use of "AND" command in the search (a search for "Portishead Over" should show up the song "Over" from "Portishead"; at the moment nothing will show up. Workaround: Use "%" as a wildcard, so "portis%over" or "portis% over" will show that song).
c) Hitting Enter after entering a term in the search field (CTRL+F) shouldn't disable the search!
d) You should be able to jump between the views with TAB-key after a search (and in general).

2. All five options from the "Playback" context menu should be configurable in the "Workflow"-tab in the preferences (pleeease).

3. A context menu "Show in Library" with "This artist", "This album" and "This genre" like in wxMusik or "Find Songs by [...]"/"Find Album '[...]'" in the miniPlayer plugin.

4. Playback plugins for MOD-formats, WavePack etc.

5. Random Playback improvements:
a) "Smart Previous" song. Try Jooles' "Unofficial Bugfix 1.01 RC1" (temporary download), based on the 1.0 Final patch/hack by ObsidianX (older RC3 hack here).
b) Only play a song in Random mode once until each song in the actual playlist is played (there were a lot of discussions about random playback in the forums).
c) Random album playback, "so it plays entire albums but picks random albums to play" (by Jooles). Workaround with dynamic playlists like these ones.

6. Tagging I: An Auto-tracknumbering function, maybe as an option in the "tags"-context menu for marked files (IMO very useful).

7. Tagging II:
a) The "Tag from filename..."-option should have a "$DUMMY"-command to ignore some passages in filenames (IMO very useful).
b) A preview feature to see the results of your tagging operations before execute them (like in mp3tag). (by bitchslaughter)
c) It's more a sorting issue, but it happens when you edit tags: Maybe mC shouldn't update the playlist/sorting immediately after tag-editing because it could be annoying when you want to perform different changes or messing up your static playlist sortings. (Forum source)

8. Tagging III:
a) For MP3, musikCube reads ID3v1.x and v2.x, but not the (quite unimportant?) APE format. ID3v2 has a higher priority for mC (so it will show them instead v1), but mC will complete missing v2 tag fields with v1 metadata (if there).
MusikCube writes for MP3 in ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.4 (UTF-8) - I suggest to use the more compatible ID3v2.3 instead of v2.4. At the end I wish a seperate tagging for v1 and v2 like in Winamp or at least an option to choose which tag version should be written (e.g. with checkboxes in the song's Properties; ID3v1 and/or ID3v2 and their different versions). There are some tagging bugs (see below under "Bugs" #1)!
b) mC should mention if it can't write to files or tag from to filename (although mC seems to write tags to file while playing that song).
c) Another dream: A place where other tags that mC does not support via database (like Composer which mC should support) are shown (e.g. a button "Other Tags" in the song's Properties that leads to a screen similar to the "advanced mode" of the Ogg "file info" window in Winamp).
d) mC should support line breaks in comment fields (compare bug II.1g); I suggest to increase the comment field in mC at least to two lines and add scrolling arrows.

9. Actually playing songs can't be fully deleted (obviously), but mC deletes them anyway from the database until the next sync (so a user could believe the song was deleted). Idea: mC should a) delete song after Playback or, easier, b) give a hint that the song can't get deleted. (Forum source)

10. a) Remember (= select/highlight) the last played song after stopping playback or a musikCube restart.
b) Show the last used view (e.g. "Now Playing" or the Library) after mC restart, if preferred.
c) Remember the selection/filtering when changing from Library to Collected and back. (Forum source)

11. Add the filesize to the song's Properties.

12. Some people want the "follow cursor focus" option back.

13. Create a new static playlist (and prompt for playlist name) when dropping songs on "Create" (I am quite sure it was possible long ago).

14. [Advanced] Don't know if it's possible, but maybe there should be an optional extended synchronization (= changed files but with same path and filename get recognized). (Forum source).

15. A "Move Files" option to change the save location of songs while preserving their ratings etc., e.g. integrate the musikMigrate plugin (but does this program really still work? After more tests, I don't think so).

16. [Resolved] Playlist import/export function: Jooles updated the Import/Export plugins for 1.0 final and included simple M3U und XSPF support (temporary download).

17. ""Lock playlist sorting" - It would be nice to have an option to lock a playlist so that the user cannot accidentally re-sort it and mess with its original order." (by tvst)
Usability idea: There is a "Lock" check entry in the playlist-tab context menu ("Now Playing" and static playlist), maybe in the "File" oder "View" menu, too. If you try add/delete or move items, a message could appear (e.g. "This playlist is locked. Continue anyway? [Yes] [Cancel]"). There could be also a special icon for locked playlists.

18. a) ""Select-as-you-type": (...) It would be way nicer if you could just type the song name (or whichever is the current field that the list is sorted by) and have the selection jump there automatically." (by tvst)
b) When performing "type ahead" filtering in a View Box and you only enter a single letter, the view should jump to the first entry beginning with this letter (with two or more entered letters, it should work like it actual does).

19. Improving of the "Times Played"-counter, e.g. count if a song surpasses an adjustable percentage of it's length (Discussion here). Workaround: Vigylant modified the musikCore_u.dll, count increases now only if a song is fully played!

20. a) If in Now Playing a song is highlighted/selected and nothing is actually played, this selected song should be played when the "Play"-button is clicked and not the first song in the playlist.
b) When Now Playing contains songs with stopped playback and you add new songs via drag and drop, the playback of this songs should start automatically (as if Now Playing is empty).

21. Improving of Net Radio: support for more streaming protocols than http (e.g. rtsp, mms etc.).

22. Program settings location:
a) Change the program directory for settings from C:\Documents and settings\[user]\.musikproject to
C:\Documents and settings\[user]\Application Data\.musikproject\ (or better dynamicly the correct localized folder, like "Anwendungsdaten" in a german Windows).
b) mC creates some KBs of registry entries in HKEY_USERS\[endless numbers]\Software\musikCube. For what are these strange entries (interface stuff)?! They get recreated on mC start.
c) Every external plugin should save it's settings in mC's settings directory.

23. Make it possible that you can maximize mC from minimized/tray mode with external program call. (Forum source)

24. Hotkey stuff:
a) An hotkey to jump to the actual playing song (when it is possible in the current view). (Forum source)
b) An hotkey to fast-rate songs.

25. GUI customization stuff:
a) Possibility to hide single entries within one category/tab (e.g. don't show "Net Radio" under "Now Playing" tab)
b) Show ratings in the man "Now Playing" bar.

II. Bugs:

1. Warning! There are some bugs with tag writing in WMA and MP3 which could be annoying when using other programs (Forum source); the MP3 issues seem to be TagLib bugs because Otto's outdated alternative MP3 format plugin based on id3lib worked correctly:

a) MP3: mC shows empty tracknumber and year fields as empty in the library view, but as "0" in the song's Properties. If you write the tags from such songs to file, mC will write a "0" as year even if you have an empty year field (ID3v1 only!).
(Pluto2 made a fix for it using mp3tag!)

b) MP3: The "Genre"-tag is shown as a number in other programs (ID3v2.4 only; in ID3v1 it is correct)! What is the cause for this bug? Maybe write ID3v2.3 instead of 2.4? (Forum source)
(Pluto2 made a fix for it using mp3tag! And jcarrascal made some important discoveries - see here in trac!)

c-e) Three old WMA tagging bugs here - c) comment, d) track number and e) WMA v9 writing bugs - are different manifestations of this bug:
WMA tag writing in mC works only when there are values for "Artist", "Title", "Track", "Album", "Year" and "Comment"! If just one of these fields is empty, no changes will be written to file. So you can't delete one or more of these fields in mC (and mC will interpret empty tracks and years as "1" and "0"; similar to II.1a).

f) AAC: mC does not read/show AAC tags and can't write them to file (the tags changes from within mC do not show up in other programs and if you change there tags and reload them in mC nothing changes). (Forum source)

g) Line breaks: mC can't deal with line breaks in the Comments field (MP3, Ogg etc.), because it offers only one line for comments - so mC shows a break as "[][]" (two squares). If you rewrite the tags to file, mC does not really write these squares and in other programs the line breaks are still intact. If you delete one square of the two, then mC will write-to-file a square and the line break is gone. And you can't use two squares to create a line break in mC (that will result in... two written-to-file squares).

2. Problems with non-english characters (mC supports UTF-8 tags, but there seems to be an error with Unicode implementation in the database search):
Hebrew (here and here), UTF16-coded Filenames, cyrillic, asian and german (e.g. search term "ärzte" won't show the artist "Die Ärzte"; for mC "ä" and "Ä" are different characters)

3. Sorting and static playlist issues (see also II.9):
a) The sorting of compilation albums - one album title, different artists - seems wrong (alphabetical by artist).
b) The sorting of a static playlist is not saved always (detailed description and workaround see here).
c) Sometimes a static playlist is suddenly filled with new songs and/or old songs get replaced. A few more details here.
d) If you remove songs from a static playlist outside mC, after the next synchronization this playlist seems to miss the removed songs. But when you re-add this songs to the same location again, they appear in the playlist after the next sync again. (Forum source)

4. In the Viewboxes you can't delete entries = can't overwrite with "nothing". (Forum source)

5. a) The strange, mysterious "Crackle when equalizer in use"-bug.
b) The "MPC Files crackle while playing"-bug.

6. Problems with network devices and the database as mentionend e.g. here and here (disappearing songs, playback problems).

7. Some minor and "crashical" issues with Audio CD playback described here (and here).

8. a) Moving of (dynamic) playlists does not work at the moment: CTRL+Up/Down selects the lists, not moves the actual selected one (Drag and Drop moving should be the goal at the end of the road). And: F2 for renaming and DEL for Deleting do not work, too.
b) If you click on an entry in the Sources bar (e.g. a playlist in the "Dynamic Playlists"-section) and then press the key Arrow-Up or -Down, other entries are selected for nothing.

9. Sorting bugs II (see also II.3): If you reload or rewrite tags from within some static or dynamic playlists (query e.g. like filename like '%.wma' order by album, tracknum, artist), the playlists is resorted by artists.

10. If you have songs in Now Playing and restart mC, it shows all songs of your library in a view without view boxes (I call it the "reset view bug"). This also happens when drag and drop a song from outside mC into Now Playing. Background: That always happens when mC accesses the database for writing/reloading. A click on some sources tab and everything is fine again. (Forum source)

11. The "Drop Files on Playlist" prompt what to do with drag and dropped files does not appear when songs are dropped on the tabs like Now Playing. And when a song is dropped on the actually shown Now Playing tab, it isn't shown (you have to "re-enter" Now Playing tab first to see the song).

12. The original filename's spelling is ignored when using "Tag from Filename": All Tags are lowercase (background: the filepaths/-names are stored in lowercase in the DB for speed issues; mC should read from the file itself if it's possible). (Forum source)

13. Multimedia- and Hotkey problems:
a) Sometimes you can't config the global hotkeys; new key combinations are only shown as "none" as described here and here. (Workaround here!)
b) mC "hijacks" special volume keys/functions if it's global hotkeys are enabled as described here, here or here (mC had in general problems with multimeda keyboards in the past).
Try Jooles' "Unofficial Bugfix 1.01 RC1" (temporary download) which should fix the volume key problem (a modified musikCube.exe, inspired by powerasuce's first fix).

14. When creating and deleting nameless dynamic playlist - which should not be possible -, old dynamic playlists are dissapearing (= deleted) sometimes. Really strange, hardly to reproduce (the described crash could not be reproduced yet); this bug may correlate with II.16... (Forum source)

15. mC seems to crash when DRM-protected WMA files are played (mC does not support DRM-files). (Forum source)

16. mC crashes if you have no dynamic playlists, then click the "create"-field for making a new dynamic playlist and then click outside of the "create"-field; this bug may correlate with II.14... (Forum source)

17. mC has problems with filenames containing commas: If you have a song "test,hello.mp3" and try "Show in Explorer" via context menu, an error message said the path is not correct (mC doesn't follow the paths beyond a comma, so a path "C:\music\test,hello.mp3" becomes for mC "hello.mp3").

18. Playback of songs suddenly stops, elapsed time shows "0:-1"; it seems due to corrupt VBR and/or APE tag header information (does not happen on all systems). (Forum source, also the older, closed here)

19. Sometimes some songs in the database are shown with a song length and bitrate of 0:00/0, no more background information yet. (Forum source)

20. mC crashes when you open a track's properties via right-click, make changes without saving(!) and then open the properties of another track. (Forum source)

21. mC crashes when you double left/right-click on an empty area in the "Sources" sidebar; only happened on systems with Windows XP SP2 (not SP1) yet... (Forum source)

22. If you press CTRL+A to select all while in a View Box, nothing is selected/shown - the filter says "[]" (a square).

23. Very small issue in the CD Ripper: If you enter a non-existing destination path, you have to click a Rip-button twice to actually rip songs; mC only creates the folders first. (Forum source)

24. The hotkey CTRL+T is bound to the Theme Editor and also the Properties of a song (Theme Editor will appear if you press the keys, but the Properties are more important).

25. A minor one: If you play a song and switch from "Collected" to "Now Playing", you can't rate songs there via context menu (but with Rating column). (Forum source)

26. The "Time Added" value is correct - until you play that song the first time, then it is 1 hour "too late" (no UTC). (Forum source)